Sybille Schaufler Cloud Accounting ServicesAre you worried about a potential CRA audit? These days it no longer is a question of ‘IF’ but rather has become a “When”. We will ensure that your books are audit ready at any time. This state may well require a restructuring/renovation of your current accounting/bookkeeping system which we’ll gladly discuss with you and offer you options. Once this state is achieved, we will offer you customized options to maintain that state. – Please see our brochure “Your 24/7 access real-time accounting system."


Do you resent the many hours you currently spend tracking and recording your business-related paperwork? Would you rather spend that time with your family, attending your kids' sports events, taking your spouse out for dinner, or have more time for your hobbies, and/or friends? See our brochure Virtual Financial Management – Taking away the hassle of keeping the books."

Peace of Mind

Have you ever had to go through the hassle of replacing a bank or credit card, because it had been compromised by a fraudulent transaction? Are you concerned about having the funds on hand to meet your vendor and/or income tax payments when due? We will ensure that you are empowered around your finances instead of being overpowered by them. And we’ll ensure that as many of your hard-earned dollars stay in YOUR pocket as is legitimately possible.

I partner with my clients to better understand your business needs and provide personalized service with keen attention to detail while educating and assisting with the tools necessary to help simplify recordkeeping processes.

If you wish to discuss your needs with me, please contact me. I have your best interests at hand and work for a lasting relationship with you.

Bookkeeping services for small businesses from Sybille Schaufler Professional Bookkeeper just might be the boost you need.

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